The Bluegrass Boys’ Ranch Scholars Program


Scholars playing pool.

About Us


The goal of the Bluegrass Boys’ Ranch Scholars Program is to improve the academic skills and accomplishments of previously underachieving middle school students so they can be admitted to a residential preparatory school on a scholarship for their high school years. The ultimate goal of the program is to help each participant to reach their full intellectual and human potential and to demonstrate that all children can succeed and be productive members of a caring society.


The Bluegrass Boys’ Ranch Scholars Program provides an enriched academic program in a warm and comfortable residential setting toward eliciting the maximum personal achievement for each child, ultimately enhancing our contribution to society.  This is accomplished by:


Identifying a select group of boys between the ages of 12 and 14, who are capable of high academic performance.


To provide them with an enriched curriculum, personally supportive mentoring and tutoring in a group setting that teaches social and cooperative skills.


To provide them with extracurricular activities to broaden their experiences.


To provide a program that seeks to serve as a model for both the public schools of Kentucky and others interested in meeting the needs of underachieving students with academic potential.

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